Saturday, August 12, 2006

Index of Posts by Catagory

Pasta Dishes

Fusilli with winter greens: recipe
Fusilli with winter greens: photo in Wish magazine
Pasta with zucchini

Fish Dishes

Baccala' alla pizzaiola

Vegetable dishes, Soups and Salads

Battered squash slices with caramelized onions
Chickpea and sweet potato stew with prunes
White bean and butternut squash stew with rosemary
Simple French- lentil soup
Vegetable stew with fennel and herbed couscous
Antonio's baked polenta with bean puree and rapini
Summer vegetable bake
Boiled green beans, potatoes and eggs under olive oil

Snacks & Fried Foods & Breads

Potato and ricotta croquettes
Cooked fruit over yogurt
Anise raisin bread
Adaptable inspiration bread recipe
Angela's sfincone


Torta alla ricotta
Torta alla ricotta (filling): photo 1
Torta alla ricotta (covered in chocolate): photo 2
Yogurt cake
Angela's tiramisu
Photos of tiramisu steps
Honey spice cake

Chocolate ginger cake
Fruited olive oil ciambella
Clafouti (adaptable with fruit- on- hand)
Linda's marmalade tea bread, with link to recipe
Cranberry orange coffee cake
Banana bread
Marbled Pound Cake
Pandoro with mascarpone cream
Orange Cake
Donna's Chocolate Zucchini Loaf
Peach Pie


Hot lemon honey spice tea

Photos (all photos mine except for *)

Antonio in apron
Parched countryside: Sicily
Mercato Vucceria: Palermo
Siracusa, balconies and marmalade *
Palermo: la marina
The farm
Burnt hills
First grapes: nonno Nino
Sweet wine and olive oil cake
Siracusa: photo album link *
Un caffe
Household photos
Beginnings: blueberry banana clafouti
Sun drenched torta alla ricotta
Siracusa photos
Sicily 2006
Sicily 2006- II
Forza Italia (Mondiali 2006)
Summer Idle: Sicily 2006
"Wish" recipe *
Anniversary flowers
Fish Cakes & flowers
Christmas Eve 2006 with family
Holiday Sights and Sweets
Foods of Winter 1
Foods of Winter 2
Eastern Commerce
Spring Wedding (Jessica) 2007
Italia 2007--beach side
Italia 2007-- Alcamo Marina
Cannoli Siciliani
Italia Summer 2007 (Rome)
Italia Summer 2007 (Sonia's wedding, Messina, Agropoli)
Italia Summer 2007 (Farm, wedding, cannoli)
Tomatoes at Rosa & Pino's (September 2007)

Musings and Poems

Rice balls, calzone and chinotto
"On Persephone's Island"
White AM (poem)
Smells that a Dream Emits (poem)
Dishcloth Days (poem)
New York Solids (poem)
Muslei bread and a new job
The Sandbanks of Our Heart (poem)
Warmth (poem)
4 X 8 Meme from "La Tavola"
Sustenance for Movement (poem)
Wednesday alone
Fluted sprigs of spring
Heartland: dual citizenship of the heart
Marzipan and wedding cake tales
Breakfast sins
Blue skies somewhere
Last night with the actor
Night in the kitchen
New feature, old meme
On teaching English